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Feel unstoppable! High-intensity training with fast, fun workouts you can do anywhere, in less than 30 minutes.

Outdoors on Demand

Anytime. Anywhere.

Go where you feel alive in this choose-your-own streaming fitness adventure, from breathtaking National Parks to alpine peaks, magical rainforest, zen beaches, grand canyons and more. Work up a serious sweat with your own personal trainer while breathing in the planet’s amazing beauty. 

Choose your Trek

Get started with one of our pre planned programs where an OutdoorBody coach trains you from a different National Park daily!


Jumpstart your fitness routine and get you ready for the OutdoorBody advanced workouts


12-week bodyweight program geared to transition you from 10 minute bodyweight workouts to advanced 20+ minute bodyweight workouts!


Advanced bodyweight program that will get your lean, tone, and strong in just 6 weeks!


Get ripped in 8 weeks during this extreme kettlebell program. Every muscle in your body will be challenged daily!


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The future of fitness is here – you can do a workout anywhere, anytime. You don’t need any equipment!

Explore The Parks


Enter the Giant Forest with the largest trees on the planet, the magical Sequoias! Located on the southern slopes on the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, Come sweat alongside the vibrant autumn ferns, strengthen your core amongst the massive tree trunks, and GO WILD in the presence of these ancient living giants!

Bryce Canyon National Park

Located along a high plateau in Southeastern Utah, Bryce is home to the largest concentration of hoodoo rock formations anywhere on earth, as well as a plethora of other multi-hued geological wonders. Train with the vibrant red spires as a backdrop and challenge your fitness to be as inspired as the setting.


Not just a great valley, but a shrine to human foresight, the strength of granite, the power of glaciers, the persistence of life, and the tranquility of the High Sierra.” Enter this marvel filled with waterfalls, meadows, granite cliffs, sequoias, and incomparable backdrops as you workout with the OutdoorBody. Discover a diversity of stunning locations within Yosemite for an ever-changing sweaty experience!

And so many more!

Tommy Cassano

Meet your coach

Fitness is hard but nature is the ultimate inspiration. I founded Outdoor Body to share my fitness journey with the world and show how the geographic glory of our National Parks and the boundless beauty of Mother Nature can help you reach your personal fitness and lifestyle goals.


Outdoor Body is the culmination of my life’s work, and the continuation of my life’s journey. It is the launching pad for my life-changing programs, including OutdoorBody, Lean28, Ultimate Man, and other still in development. We provide programs for the body, accountability for the mind, and inspiration for the soul. Fitness is hard. But together, we can accomplish anything. I am living proof my programs work… so I have only one question for you. Are you ready to get your journey started?

Proven Results



“Tommy’s beach boxing workouts have occupied most of my summer days with friends. They’re tough, engaging and always fun!”

Hear from Real Members

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Sean G, 34

Been Training with Tommy for over 3 years working together. Highly recommend working with Tommy he is Motivating, inspiring, and makes me work real hard.

Sean G, 34

Been Training with Tommy for over 3 years working together. Highly recommend working with Tommy he is Motivating, inspiring, and makes me work real hard.

Sean G, 34

Been Training with Tommy for over 3 years working together. Highly recommend working with Tommy he is Motivating, inspiring, and makes me work real hard.

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Coaching programs designed to incorporate habits that last a lifetime and keep your body lean forever, while enjoying a healthy lifestyle.


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Train and connect with like-minded people that are focused on enhancing their physical and mental health.

OutdoorBody is a place to support and encourage each others goals and aspirations. We train for life, not just for the moment!


OutdoorBody is the leading streaming fitness program featuring workouts in some of the most inspiring settings in the US. 

Whether you choose to work out at home or on the go, we have workouts for everyone and every level. From 10-minute beginner’s bodyweight sessions to advanced 25-minute kettlebell sessions, options include boxing, fusion, Tabata, HIIT, core + abs, glutes, upper + lower body, strength, resistance bands, single & double kettlebells an, of course, cardio. In addition, every workout includes bonus videos for mobility, stretching and mindfulness in nature. 

You need no equipment to get started… no expensive stationary bikes, treadmills, or gear. As you progress, the most you will need is a resistance band and a set of kettlebells. The workouts get you going… the systems get you progressing… and the settings are truly inspiring. With that combination, you cannot fail… so, are you ready to get started?

New users get a 14 day free trial. Then choose from 4 options:

Yearly (save 70%) , 6 months (save 50%) , 3 months (save 21%) , Monthly. All subscriptions are on auto-renewal until cancelled by user. 
Membership grants you access to all workouts, specific designed programs, all curated recipes, private OutdoorBody community, and more. Download app on Apple or Android. 

OutdoorBody is designed for access anywhere. Whether you work out at home, at work or on the go, you can watch OutdoorBody anywhere you have internet access. Everything is accessed at OutdoorBody App! will work equally well on a desktop, laptop, iPhone, android device, AppleTV, or streaming to any TV using Airplay or Chromecast. For a super-large and motivating picture, connect your device to an HDTV using a HDMI cable. 

With OutdoorBody, there are no contracts or long-term commitments. Cancel anytime you like.

Your OutdoorBody Membership free trial lasts fourteen (14) days. During that time, you will have full access to the App and its unlimited workout videos and can cancel your trial at any time on your Account Page. On the 15th day you will automatically be charged the membership you chose at registration. 

All Outdoor Body sessions were filmed in close collaboration with the National Parks Department and their local officials & representatives. All proper permits were secured, and every effort was employed to maintained to protect and preserve the natural settings. The National Parks creed of “Leave No Trace” was always in the forefront. The entire Outdoor Body team went to great lengths to produce unique workout experiences while fully respecting our treasured and beloved National Parks.

NO members, viewers or anyone associated with Outdoor Body should attempt to replicate these workouts in video, photographs or any other form of media using the locations featured in Outdoor Body in any manner that would put the participant, others, the wildlife or the environment at risk or in harm’s way in any manner. Outdoor Body is designed, produced, and released for viewing and streaming workouts only.


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