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28-day program to reset your gut, optimize your mental health, and increase lean muscle. Specially designed to incorporate habits that will last a lifetime and keep your body & mind feel amazing forever, while enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Lean28 Benefits

fat loss

Who is Lean28 for?

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This program is designed for busy people who want to burn fat all day and…

Real People. Real results.


Lost 25lbs in 2 months*

Busy mom of 2 continues the habits and system learned in the LEAN28!


lost 12 lbs. 28 days*

Busy mom of 2 from Boston, MA  got her abs back!!!


Lost 15 LBS 28 DAYS

Busy mom committing to her goals in order to achieve new goals!

*Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

Start your Journey

The best results driven 28-day program specially designed to incorporate habits that will last a lifetime and keep your body lean forever, while enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

reduce stress

Decrease oxidative stress all day both physically and mentally. Stop thinking about food and stressful health habits that hold you back from getting the body you deserve. 

clean digestion

Clean your digestive system and renew your energy by learning healthy food systems, structures, and recipes all geared towards sustainable fat loss & healing your gut. 

Mental Clarity

Omit brain fog, energize your cells, and redirect your daily focus. Modalities and habits that will precisely enhance your overall wellbeing. Mindfulness & breathing practices for life.


Join today & Start cooking

When you join the LEAN28 program you will gain instant access to over 70+ exclusively tailored recipes to achieve your body goals.

Why Lean28?

LEAN28 takes the most effective, holistic approach to establish everlasting habits in your daily lifestyle. Proven methods that have worked for thousands of clients in additional to coaching & accountability.

What Our Clients Are Saying


Morning workout x2 at "Bryce Canyon" really does make me want to vist!

Lynn C

Lost my 8 Ibs…. never thought I'd see ab muscles again and lose what was going on around my stomach…… everything is down 2 ": thigh, waist and hips. Thank you Tommy!!!


Doing it with a friend is the only way to go! One of my partners and dearest friend Jul Wal and i just measured our success and indivually we both lost 2 inches in each and all key areas: waist, hips, thighs & bust! we are so proud of each other and going to keep up the new habits and keep checking in. I am down 6.5 lbs and Jul Wal is down 7 lbs! YAY!

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Seriously awesome program. I'm down 9 pounds, but I gained knowledge on really how to eat right. Real talk, I went into this thinking eh, not crazy about fasting, in my opinion a fad…along with other thoughts. However, I was proven wrong. Starting this I was already on a "weight loss journey" after losing 60lbs since Nov 18. I hit a point where I was hitting the gym everyday, but the scale wasn't budging. I knew it was what I was eating. Being consistent at the gym and the proper food intake clicked. Thank you, you rock!


Got my Sweat on with Tommy Cassano


Hey everybody! I did the program last spring & was so pleased with the results I completely changed my eating habits, maintained the weight loss (15lbs) & enjoy eating clean! Most of the time. 3 Joined this time really to keep myself "more" accountable, get rid of this "Covid slump" feeling & catch up with my partners in health! So happy to be back!

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Hi all. Looking forward to another Lean 28 session. In response to Tommy's request for posts as to why we joined: I need a reset for clean eating - quarantine has been tough. I have lupus and Tommy's program goes beyond the anti-inflammation diets that I try/want to adhere to. The intermittent fasting also helps with my inflammation. Importantly, the program makes me accountable for daily exercising!


Day 28? Naw…day 1 of the rest of my life. Now 13lbs lighter with more energy, better food choices & invaluable knowledge. Thank you Tracy R for the heads up & thank you Tommy, Beatrice, & everyone on this journey for all the support.


Loving this egg and avocado salad from the Lean28 Cookbook!

Your Lean28 Program

TOTAL Value $9,999

Tommy Cassano

Meet your coach

Fitness is hard but nature is the ultimate inspiration. I founded OutdoorBody to share my fitness journey with the world and show how the geographic glory of our National Parks and the boundless beauty of Mother Nature can help you reach your personal fitness and lifestyle goals.


Outdoor Body is the culmination of my life’s work, and the continuation of my life’s journey. It is the launching pad for my life-changing programs, including OutdoorBody, Lean28, Ultimate Man, and other still in development. We provide programs for the body, accountability for the mind, and inspiration for the soul. Fitness is hard. But together, we can accomplish anything. I am living proof my programs work… so I have only one question for you. Are you ready to get your journey started?


Lean28 is the leading online transformational program to develop lifelong habits. The program is 5 weeks long (1 week of PreLean – onboarding and coaching & then 4 weeks of the actual program). In the Lean28 Live you will have 5 live group coaching calls to enhance your goals and ultimate accountability. 

You will be onboarded to the OutdoorBody App (desktop version and on Apple/Android). Within the App you will have a private Lean28 community, coaching videos, daily tips, and a fitness program specific to your needs. You will be provided will all the documents – syllabus, accountability charts, recipes, and more which we go over on the calls. IN addition to daily email challenges & tips. 

Outdoor Body is the leading streaming fitness program featuring workouts in some of the most inspiring settings in the US. Through our proven workout systems, led by elite trainer Tommy Cassano, we lead you on the path to physical and mental fitness freedom. 


Whether you choose to work out at home or on the go, we have workouts for everyone and every level. From 10-minute beginner’s bodyweight sessions to advanced 25-minute kettlebell sessions, options include boxing, fusion, Tabata, HIIT, core + abs, glutes, upper + lower body, strength, resistance bands, single & double kettlebells an, of course, cardio. In addition, every workout includes bonus videos for mobility, stretching and mindfulness in nature. 


There are supplements recommended for the program that could enhance results, but nothing is mandatory. Participants can get great results without taking anything.  

The Program is 35 days. & days of PreLean coaching, then 28 days of the actual program. 

All results are dependent on the commitment of the participant and vary from each individual.  

All calls are recorded and posted in the app after to view/listen. 

In the Lean28 you are taught tools and habits that hopefully will stay with you for a lifetime. You will remain part of the Lean28 community and have access to the OutdoorBody App for a full year.