Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the LEAN28 For?

This program is designed for busy Women and Men that want to burn fat all day and get rid of the extra ‘fluff’ in their life? Those who want simple, effective, proven tools that are sustainable (without thinking too hard). For those that are committed to achieving a permanent health goal change for life!

If you do not want to completely enhance your wellness and happiness, this probably IS NOT for you!

How does it work?

High touch accountability via 2 main vehicles:

1. Personalized, curated email automation delivery every morning – 7 days of preLean learning emails followed by 28 days of the morning program instructional videos, motivation, and workout videos. The highest accountability out there and most effective! You wake up in the morning with your Lean28 email, press a button, and have full access to your daily meditation, workouts, Tip of the Day, and Challenge!

2. Private LEAN28 Community page for loop feedback, an inspiring community of like-minded individuals, safe place to post questions/pictures/recipes and more. Plus Tommy goes Live in the group often along with his cooking partner Bea which they show cooking recipes, kitchen hacks, how to go food shopping and much more!

What Results Can I Expect in 28 Days?

First, everyone experiences different results which is a direct correlation of the effort and commitment one puts into the program. That being said, those committed have been known to significantly reduce body-fat, lower stress, lower inflammation in the body, improve sleep, cleaner digestive system, clearer mental clarity, feel much happier, better relationships, and more!

Common Excuses Not To Start?

NO TIME: this program will save you time and your commitment will add daily value
BUSY WITH KIDS: this was designed for busy moms (and dads) with kids
TRAVELING OR VACATION: You can successful complete the Lean28 while traveling and/or on vacation
NEED MY WINE: You can actually drink YES on this program and lose fat
COST TOO MUCH: Food and Health is not a sunk cost! It is a major investment in you and your family’s health!
WORK WORK WORK: We have all heard this excuse before….not going to ‘WORK’! As Tommy coaches you through the whole process from anywhere in the world!

Do I need supplements?

There are supplements recommended for the Lean28 and they are purchased separately. All supplements are specifically described, recommended, use of purpose for Lean28 success, and systemically planned out in the Accountability Charts. Everything is explained in detail once inside the program.

Members have successfully completed the Lean28 without purchasing the supplements. If you have similar products at home, you can certainly use those also. (no need to buy more!)

Disclaimer: always consult your physician or doctor before starting a new diet and/or supplements!  

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