I am the Founder of Lifestyle Trek, we meet you exactly where you are in your health journey and take you on an exclusive positive transformation. This is accomplished via the life changing programs OutdoorBody, Lean28, Ultimate Man, & the highest form of accountability to lead your trek. So to better understand why I am so passionate about getting you into the best shape of your life… let me share with you my journey to get there myself.
I used to be you. I know what feels like to be overweight, lethargic, and in need of help. Nearly 15 years ago I went into my doctor’s office for my annual checkup and was labeled “Clinically Obese!” It hurt. It sucked. But he was right. The scale marked me at 235 lbs., and as those words came out of my doctor’s mouth I vowed, then and there, to commit the rest of my life to being super healthy, becoming a fat-loss expert, and transforming myself into an UltraHuman in both body and mind.


After playing college football at Colgate University, I started my career in the corporate world. With no clear idea of my path or calling, I was a hedonist, not a realist. I chased money and a lifestyle not suitable to my truest self. It took little time for me to become severely depressed. Although I was making money and travelling all over the country working with top executives, there was no motivation for success, no drive to do anything productive – professionally or personally – and no realization of who I was. I was overweight, out of shape and drinking almost every night, and literally nothing made me happy.


Shortly after those biting words “clinically obese” struck home I crafted a new mission statement for myself. I began to develop a new personal ecosystem and dedicated myself to becoming the best I could be – and then sharing that journey with all those I would touch for future generations. I moved to Arizona and started to operate gyms, began training clients one-on-one, and commenced re-defining my own health in the process. Externally the results were satisfying, yet my internal being knew there was much more, and I still craved higher meaning.


True leadership is not about showing… it is about doing. It is never asking your community, your tribe, your employees, or your family to do anything you cannot or will not attempt yourself. It is learning how to be the very best you can be, then guiding all you can down that path to even greater success than you have achieved yourself. It is about fusing the lessons you have learned along the way – from ancient wisdom to cutting edge biohacking – into a collective mindset that you can share with those around you. It is making this generation better than the one before and setting the example so that the next one is even better than yours. It is being responsible enough to bring the very best version of yourself, and generous enough to share the spotlight.


My mission… my passion… my calling is to bring all my life’s lessons to those who wish to learn. To share my knowledge, experience, and expertise with those who are truly ready to become the greatest version of themselves. The road is rough, and the work is assuredly hard. If you are a quitter, a skeptic, a follower, or a nay-sayer, don’t waste my time – or yours. But if you are a true leader… truly ready to take control of your health, your fitness, and your mindset… join me on your true Lifestyle Trek.


You haven’t been able to do it yourself. Let’s do it together!



Physically I was now in peak condition, nonetheless I knew that sporting a perpetual 8-pack and running 100-mile races would only take my happiness so far. To move further forward I had to look inward. Over the next months and years, I studied meditation, breathing techniques, and many other ancient practices to carry me beyond and outside my current fixated definition of “health”. Ultimately, this led me on a journey to ancient cultures to seek out the truest meaning of self and longevity.


One such expedition to the Sacred Valley in Peru ultimately redefined my relationship with the Earth and the world around us. The elders there taught me how truly to “go within”, leading me to an awakening of the mind/body connection. To teach others one must first experience, then continually practice the daily lessons passed on by the ancients. I learned. I practiced. Finally, I asked myself “How will I pass on these teachings to help others achieve what I have accomplished… and beyond?”


Most people see me as I am today and assume it was easy, it was “natural”, or perhaps that I was “born with great genetics.” The fact is that I have been Biohacking myself inside and out for the past 15 years! Over that time, I have experimented with every ‘fad’ diet, tried nearly every ‘wonder’ supplement, and self-tested virtually every new hack produced from the health & fitness industry. The harsh truth is that losing 50 lbs., consistently showing an abdominal 8-pack, and running 100-mile ultra-trail races doesn’t happen overnight. It takes massive work, immense effort, and the ability to learn from the countless mistakes I’ve made along the way. Only by fully dedicating myself to that journey of work and learning was I able to excel and succeed in my journey to becoming the Ultimate Man.


As part of my journey in seeking out cutting edge fitness, the true meaning of health, and an optimized lifestyle, I was called to Manhattan Beach, CA in pursuit of enhancing my vocation. Once there I opened my own fitness facility and connected with leaders in the health space. These new connections allowed me to broaden my professional outreach to executives, CEOs, professional athletes, celebrities, corporations, and more. Through this network I began running personalized one-on-one programs and initiated my highly successful detox groups that have transformed many lives.


My professional journey was well on track, so I devoted some attention to my personal journey too. I started to compete in 50- to 100-plus mile ultra-trail races in high altitude mountains, often tracking over 20,000 ft in vertical gain alone! These massively challenging events taught me to push beyond limitations and truly believe that anything is possible for the human body and spirit. I pushed myself through it and tried to instill that mindset to my top clients as well. Still, I craved more.