Frequently Asked Questions

What is the OutdoorBody?

OutdoorBody is an empowering experience at the crossroads of fitness and the outdoors. Via its own streaming platform, the OutdoorBody offers unforgettable workouts in National Parks & iconic locations around the world. From 10 minute beginners bodyweight sessions to advanced 25 minute kettlebell classes, we offer an array of levels for everyone to experience each location.

The OutdoorBody style of classes range from boxing, fusion, tabata, HIIT, core & abs, cardio, glutes, lower body, upper body, strength, resistance bands, single kettlebells, double kettlebells, and much more! Every class & location comes with videos of Mobility, Stretching, & Mindfulness In Nature. Time to Go Wild!

How does it work?

Membership: Every month we load your Basecamp homepage with 8+ new location workouts that go along with your unlimited access to the mobility, stretching, mindfulness in nature, all beginners workouts in the site, learning videos, newsletters on health, and private OutdoorBody Community access. This also grants you access to RENT or BUY any of the 200+ workout videos on the site in any location.

Programs: Enhance your journey with the OutdoorBody by embarking on one of the curated lifestyle or fitness programs. Results driven and goal oriented, choose from the Lean28 group program or one of the highly adventurous pure fitness programs like the WildX8 (see programs for detailed info)

How much does OutdoorBody cost?

Membership is $7.99 a month to access 8+ new workouts per month (new videos load on the 1st of every month) and unlimited access to the mobility, stretching, mindfulness in nature, beginners workouts, learning videos, newsletters on health, fitness and outdoor locations filmed and private community. Outside of the workout sessions provided in the monthly membership, every video can be rented (48 hours) or purchased (prices vary).

Programs are purchased separately inside of the membership. Please read each program details for more information and pricing.

Where can I watch?

You can watch and workout with the OutdoorBody anywhere in the world, anytime on a number of devices. Everything is accessed at on the desktop, laptop, iPhone, android, Apple TV, and streaming to your TV by using Airplay and/or Chromecast (you can also use an HDMI cord to connect a computer or laptop to your TV). Majority of the workouts are bodyweight accept for the Peak Equipment section which you will need a kettlebell and/or resistance band.

How do I cancel?

There are no contracts or long term commitments with the OutdoorBody. You can simply cancel anytime in your membership account. You will have access to the membership site until the last day of your billing cycle.

However, if you cancel your membership you will not have access to your a la carte purchases outside of the Basecamp membership videos once your membership expires.

How long is the free trial?

The free trial for OutdoorBody membership is 7 days. You will have access to the curated monthly Basecamp membership homepage with the workout videos of the month. On the 8th day, you will be automatically charged your monthly fee of $7.99 (unless cancelled prior). Then, your monthly payments will recur on the same day of every month. New location videos on the 1st of every month!

Location Disclaimer?

All OutdoorBody filming locations have been permitted and worked closely with each governing official. Strategy, permitting, and efforts to protect / not disturb the environment have all gone into providing a unique workout experience in every video produced. At no point should a member, viewer, or anyone associated with the OutdoorBody and beyond try to replicate these workouts via video, pictures, or any other form of media in the OutdoorBody locations (or any else) that would put you, others, or the environment in harms way. is for viewing and working out online only.

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